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If you have any enquiry, please contact us via email

You can start by registering for an account if you haven't done so. Once you've logged in, you can start creating news or video. If you know how to use Word then it's very similar in that context as you are presented with a Word like format. Article can contain images and videos from youtube and vimeo. For images to be included within the article, you can either copy and paste or go to Insert/Edit image, locate where the image is and click Insert. For videos to be embeded into the article, click Inset/Edit Embeded Media icon and after provide the URL link in youtube or vimeo then click on Insert.

You can create video by embedding a video url from an external link where the video is hosted. This website can play most videos from any external sites. If the video you are embedding doesn't play, please get in touch with us and we'll look into incorporating it.

Please upload any images to our instagram page. We hold no responsibility for the images being uploaded and we may also use it on this website without any infrigement on our behalf. Any infringment is solely down to the person who uploads it. Use this link to Upload Images.